Huffman is a Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator. Notes to keep in mind when dealing with Real Property Acquisition:

  • Acquisition of Real Property for public projects blends engineering and appraisal skills, but adds interest-based negotiation and dispute resolution.

  • Compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance Act for federally funded projects is complex, and contains numerous “tripping points” that could result in loss of funds to a project. Contact Huffman for dispute resolution.


Notes to keep in mind when dealing with Public Policy Dispute Resolution:

  • Public Policy disputes often involve multiple parties and goals/agendas, and can be very complex and time consuming, requiring a skilled mediator.

  • Huffman is trained in facilitative, evaluative and transformative mediation models and experienced at applying all three in a dispute resolution.

  • When Huffman is involved, parties can focus back on their core agenda, and get the job done in a timely manner.